(IoT Enablement, Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) Enablement)

"We help companies orchestrate towards an improved customer experience and increased revenue."

Analytics & BI Enablement Brochures / Presentations:

  1. Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI) Enablement- Solution Vision
  2. Entertainment & Media Companies Value Proposition
  3. Telecommunications Companies Value Proposition
  4. General (All Verticals) Value Proposition

Data Virtualization Presentations:

  1. Data Virtualization 101 - (All Verticals)
  2. Entertainment & Media Companies

Data Quality Assessment & Monitoring Presentations:

  1. Data Quality Assessment Manager - (DQAM)
    Data Assessment Automation and Data Quality Workflow for all organizations

IoT Enablement Presentations:

  1. Data Virtualization (DV) at the edge - IoT Enablement Primer

CloudFectiv's IoT Enablement, Analytics and BI Enablement Solutions will enable your company to take full advantage of all its data:

  1. Integrate all data into one virtualized environment
    • Doesn’t matter where the data is located or how it’s formatted
    • Secured, managed, delivered
    • Treat data as a strategic asset
    • Visualize success across the enterprise
    • Become more proactive and effective
    • Better alignment with strategy
    • Realization of cost efficiencies
    • Increased Revenues
  2. Instant access to all the data you want, the way you want it
    • Gain full view of customers and other data sets across channels
    • Personalize your marketing and customer engagements
    • Engage your customers in real time
  3. Gain more and better Business Insight
    • Business Leaders
    • Information consumer
    • Anticipate customer and market behavior

The CloudFectiv Solution-(Advantages):

  1. Can easily leverage the power of enterprise data sources, cloud, in-memory platforms, caching and messaging.
  2. Can easily deliver data through REST and self-service data services.
  3. Provide a clean and consistent user interface for both business users and developers.
  4. Changes to the sources, integration or output data services take minutes to accomplish.
  5. Deliver on-demand real-time data access to data sources.
  6. Provide for data and application services capable of scaling horizontally and vertically to meet most analytical and application needs.