Measure IT NetData

Measure IT NetData is the most penetrating and microscopic decoding, dissection & analysis of Post Capture packet flow activity available

Measure IT NetData

Multi-Tier High Capacity PCAP Analytics

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Why Measure IT NetData?

  • Enterprises and Service Providers are challenged today with the application performance visibility gaps created by a cloud based distributed data architecture as well as blind spots at remote locations which need eliminated.
  • Measure IT NetData is the industry most powerful Post Capture Packet Analysis solution, Measure IT NetData, provides an unprecedented depth of investigative insight to the most challenging network & application performance degradations, disrupting ROI while offering the most microscopic visibility of packet trace files available.
  • When trying to acquire application performance visibility across a physical & virtual network architecture, traditional centralized stream to disk requirements methods are costly, and do not meet the needs of distributed application delivery architectures.

What makes Measure IT NetData Different?

  • Ability to perform “session stitching” which time correlates multiple PCAP trace files providing a Stateful PCAP analysis
  • Stateful SQL Analysis
  • Capability to Model Queues and Packet Shaping
  • Network Modeling
  • Unequaled number of application decodes
  • TCP Sequence Gap Detection
  • L7 Message Sequence Gap Detection (e.g. MQTT, FIX)
  • Multi-Tier Transaction Analysis (The Holy Grail)

Measure IT NetData - Post Capture Packet Analysis is the most penetrating and microscopic dissection & analysis of packet flow activity available.

  • Analyze and diagnose every abnormal slowdown or failure, to improve performance and availability.
  • Visualize system operation and understand where transaction time is spent.
  • See the effect of flow-control and congestion-avoidance mechanisms on data-transfer speeds.
  • See the effect of network latency (loop-delay) on response times.
  • Diagnose critical problems quickly to minimize impact on business.
  • Locate and characterize bottlenecks.
  • Characterize transactions for capacity planning and feedback to developers.
  • Analysis database performance; table blocking; identify candidate procedures for tuning.
  • Check system health prior to load testing, during production, & when any significant change is made to application or infrastructure – fix impairments before they become serious.
  • Besides reducing the risk to client productivity and business, rapidly apply these techniques & resolve problems shortens project times by days, weeks, or in some cases months. The resulting project cost savings are substantial.

Here is what the experts are saying:

      Measure IT NetData makes the other leading Post Capture Packet Analysis solutions look like toys
      Measure IT NetData is my “go to” tool for the most challenging network problems.”

How Can I get Measure IT NetData?

Measure IT NetData is provided as a named user subscription license for a specified period.
A Named User Subscription provides:
  • Access to the latest version with new decoders & analytical tools as developed.
  • Unlimited phone or email support on Measure IT NetData operation.
  • Analysis of problem data files.
  • Engineering support to fix any fault that causes a crash when processing a captured file or the production of incorrect statistics.
DISCLAIMER: Measure IT NetData is unable to guarantee correct interpretation of all packet contents due to the fact that the specifications of many application protocols are proprietary and unpublished. Nevertheless, Measure IT NetData is keen to broaden and improve the tool's repertoire and will endeavor to improve application decoding when faults are recognized.