Analytics & BI Enablement

In the wake of the explosion of data throughout the enterprise, there has been much talk around Business Intelligence and Analytics and how to correlate data for actionable insights. Whether machine generated, web, customer, structured or unstructured, data is being accumulated at a mind numbing pace and is estimated to surge to over 20x what we currently have stored today by the year 2020.

With all the attention on analytics and flashy data visualization and dashboards, one area is easily forgotten is that which relates to Data Quality Assurance and Source Systems Integration Efficiencies which is the less sexy engine underneath BI, Analytics and glitzy Dashboards.

We refer to this area as Analytics and BI Enablement which consists of two (2) major areas, Data Virtualization and Data Quality Assurance .

Data Virtualization enables one to connect, combine and publish data in all its formats from all data sources within the enterprise and beyond. Northbound consumers consisting of all BI, Analytics, Visualization, Archiving, Reporting, etc are able to take advantage of these virtual data sets through a robust Data Virtualization / Abstraction layer. Via this technology and approach one is able to create a unified and connected view of all underlying data sources. Systems/applications that need to consume this data only have to speak to an abstraction/data virtualization layer which is capable of accessing the entire enterprise data sources.

The second area of Analytics and BI Enablement is that of Data Quality Assurance. Historically this has consisted of data profiling tools to determine data lineage and sample patterns which utilizes a tremendous amount of manual professional services effort to comb through myriads of tables of data to look for non con-formant patterns and anomalies.

CloudFectiv brings to bear many years of data virtualization knowledge and experience along with a continuous and automated cloud based data quality assessment solution that defines monitoring and transformation rules and continuously monitors data comprehensively at the value level to identify and flag source systems data when certain quality attributes violate a threshold. This disruptive approach eliminates the time consuming and costly manual process of data quality assessment and offers close to real time detection of anomalies and security threats. To learn more Click here.

Automation & Orchestration

Cloud migration is full of potential pitfalls. However, not all mistakes are as immediate or glaring as downtime or data loss; some mistakes can only be seen months later, when their impact is deeper and harder to change.

Many business leaders overestimate the role and responsibilities of their cloud providers in maintaining the their Cloud environment, Subscribing to the notion that once an environment is built in the Cloud, and applications are migrated to it, then in-house engineers (or anyone else) no longer need to worry about maintaining the infrastructure layer; after all, that's one of the value proposition for adapting the Cloud, since the Cloud Provider does all that "maintaining" work for you. In fact nothing could be further from the truth.

That's why CloudFectiv work with its clients' to develop automation strategies to operate their cloud environment once the environment is deployed.

Compute Servers & Applications

Whether you are starting off with one (1) server or application to hundreds of server instances and applications, we are here to guide you through that journey. You can stay focus on your business, and we will do the heavy lifting for you. You can get up and running in the CLOUD with DevOps best practices and world-class infrastructure in very little time. With CloudFectiv, you can start off small and reap the benefits of the cloud. We are here to guide you through that journey.

Cloud Storage & Archiving

CloudFectiv works with businesses to provide fully functional cloud-based storage archiving infrastructures. We have seen from our experience that some organization do not have the experience or resources to maintain private on premise archiving and storage infrastructure. CloudFectiv helps to to fill that void.

Cloud Security & Monitoring

Most of the time, stopping the bad guy is a about analyzing large and increasing volumes of log data. Historically, Security monitoring is not something most organizations have done well. This is due in part to competing priorities from business-facing initiatives, lack of resources and review fatigue, among others. At CloudFectiv, we work with our clients to set up Cloud Security Best practices for log and data analysis, credentials management, intrusion detection and remediation.

Data Quality Assessment and Monitoring

Management teams within your organization are able to make better decisions by leveraging data with improved quality and its fitness for purpose.

There are several data quality profiling and rule development tools on the market — but until now, they have all been offered at price points that make them impractical for Data Quality work at scale.

CloudFectiv offers a better and more affordable solution: Data Quality Assessment Manager (DQAM). Built to work within the Mapping Manager tool from AnalytiX, DQAM allows your users to identify and categorize the most common types of data quality problems, as well as any data requiring more detailed analysis.

DQAM incorporates the strategies and methodologies used in our Analytics & BI Enablement practice, supported with automation tools to give you results faster and more reliably.

Within a week, this solution can have you up and running — and on the way to more accurate, timely and reliable data. We’ll install the software, link it to your data sources, and give your team all the training you need to get going. To learn more Click here.

Data Virtualization

Most companies in todays marketplace are constantly striving to understand customers/subscribers behavior. Their understanding of customers/subscribers behavior can help them harness more revenue. Given the right data, they will be able to create offerings that are more aligned with their customers/subscribers base. For example specific offerings for specific social media, video streaming or map applications etc..

Unfortunately, capturing and aggregating this information involves analyzing many external and internal data sources. How to cost effectively combine and publish these datasets in near real-time is considered by many to be a very arduous task.

Upholding CloudFectiv's charter of helping companies orchestrate towards an improved customer experience and increased revenue. We have incorporated Data Virtualization technology as a key component of our Analytics & BI Enablement solution. With this technology we are able to help organization's to provide a simplified, unified, and integrated view of trusted business data in real-time or near real-time as needed by their consuming applications, processes, analytics and or business users. To learn more Click here.

Network Design

CloudFectiv work with clients to adapt best practices and approaches to network topology design, both in public cloud based infrastructures like Amazon Web Services(AWS) and your on premises environment, or private cloud.


Most, if not all IT business leaders today are adapting some type of Cloud delivered services or Cloud delivery platforms in their overall IT strategy for their companies. Not all business is suited for the "public" cloud. Private cloud is best for businesses with dynamic or unpredictable computing needs that require direct control over their environments. CloudFectiv helps its clients' to develop strategies around their Private Cloud implementation needs. Helping them to move from a "virtualized" world to a "private" cloud (OpenStack) environment.

Personalized Training

We specialize in individualized and customized lesson plans. For group sessions, we utilized a "Quad Based Approach" for class size; meaning, our class size is limited to only four(4) individuals. Our plans are focused around the individual client's needs. Whether you are preparing for some Cloud specific Computing certification, or want to get a grasp of how the Cloud works, Data Virtualization, Data Quality Assesment and Monitoring,Data Governance Frameworks, we can tailor a learning plan to meet your needs.